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Taylor Haven Holt

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Taylor has read 12 books toward her goal of 100 books.

I read too much...

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The Alice Network
really liked it
This book was beautifully crafted - Quinn has done a really masterful job of alternating storylines, and then finally having them converge. Being a huge fan of historical fiction, I found her storytelling to be immersive and compelling. ...
Julián Is a Mermaid
it was amazing
Love. Love. Love. Jess Love is the consummate artist - a talented storyteller, illustrator and actress. I had the rare pleasure of reading a final proof of this book, and could not have been any more blown away by her talent. Love has cr...
The Chalk Man
liked it
I feel like my reading of this book was harmed by it being hyped so strongly. I thought it was going to be a more explosive mystery, but this one was definitely a slow burn. I found myself more engaged with the 1986 storyline, and the “c...
The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
really liked it
Simply put, I loved this novel. It was an interesting take on this time period, and one that, I believe, needs to be told. Monty and Percy were fantastic leading men, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their exploits throughout Europ...
The Shrunken Head
liked it
I feel like the jury is still out on this book. I did enjoy reading it, but I feel like I might need to read one more to fully invest in these characters. I loved the NYC setting, and these brazen children make fantastic detectives. Yet ...
Under Water
really liked it
I sought this book out, and it did not disappoint. Duck is a fascinatingly flawed protagonist. I thought this case would be a bit more straightforward, but it was twisty from beginning to end. I loved the NYC settings; Living on the UES ...
The Westing Game
it was ok
I’m completely confused. I’ve read lists and lists and lists touting this book as a classic mystery that can’t be missed. But I was baffled by it throughout. There were too many characters that weren’t well enough defined, an unclear cen...
The Woman in the Window
really liked it
Twisty adventure abounds in this psychological novel. I really enjoyed the roller-coastery nature of this book; I found myself wanting to keep reading at the expense of other things going on in my life - always the sign of a compelling r...
Urn Burial
liked it
I enjoy Phyrne enough to keep coming back to read about her Australian adventures with murder and mayhem. This book felt very much like a Christie novel - terrible weather caused the assemblage to be isolated with a murderer - and the ho...
My Man Jeeves
liked it
What a lovely little book! These stories were like a breath of fresh air - albeit some were better than others - and a nice escape from the heavier fiction I usually read. I will definitely seek out more adventures with the brilliant, al...